Walking out of the highschool on a warm day, that is one of the best feelings.

(Even a decade later I will say that’s one of the best feelings.)

Your classmates are everywhere, wearing different things, being who they are, and getting into various cars. Nothing much you really have to do for the rest of the day.

As a person on the cusp of independence, as all highschoolers are, the coolest kids are going to be the ones who are free to do whatever they want. A lot of the time these are also the ones who will build a castle out of their teenage angst. (Yes, most angst goes on for a lifetime, but teenage angst is a special kind). When you get older those feelings of anger and resentment for the world can actually be embarrassing, because by the time you mature, you realize that the world is in YOUR hands, and if it sucks, that’s because of YOU. (Can’t blame the adults when you are one!). But when you’re a teenager you CAN blame the world and the adults, self pity is kind of a source of power.

And you know why? Because we already kind of know the truth.


These are also the people who fall pray to their own positive qualities… if they’re not directed properly or motivated to take care of themselves. Because the part of the brain which considers LONG TERM is not developed.

Here are some common pitfalls a strong, independent, exciting person might experience.

Having a baby before you can afford everything you’d want your baby to have.
Using a drug before you understand what a habit like that brings.
Quitting school before you have dared to dream.
Choosing laziness over the belief that you can DO big things.
Seeking love from others before you have realized that only you can love yourself the way you deserve to be loved.

These are all examples of paths which take us down roads which are hard to climb out of. Not to mention the poverty you’ll almost definitely experience if you embark on one of these journeys.

It is so important that you dare to have big dreams for your life. And that you understand that it takes preparation to make these dreams come true, and that if you do prepare, they will come true!


The years of your life will go by one way or another, will you be walking an uphill path, or coasting a downhill path?

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